Receiving and Disbursing Funds

The PTA is audited yearly, and there are guidelines that must be followed to receive and disburse funds.  If you are submitting funds or requesting payment of funds, please read the guidelines completely.  If you have questions please contact Jane Frazer at


* Check or Cash Receipt  - use this to document checks and cash submitted to PTA 


* Online Funds Receipt  - use this to document online funds collected


* Reimbursement Check Request  - use this to request PTA reimbursement



Educational Grants

Our PTA is please to offer funding for educational grants to our teachers.  To apply for an educational grant please submit this form


 Educational Grant Request




 2018-19 Approved Budget

                                                         2018-19 Revised Budget


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Upcoming Events



We are looking for community business to partner and support our PTA.  Contact us for details!